Our offer

Our language pairs offer is focused on the Belgian market. Because of this limited range, we can work with in-house translators, which in turn benefits the translation quality. Our translators only translate from the foreign language to their native language.

For our newest language pairs, English and Dutch to French, we call on competent external translators. These translators first have to be carefully selected, and we always perform an extra quality check on their translations. Consequently, we charge € 0.035 extra per word for these language pairs. In this way, you, the customer, can continue to enjoy the best quality at (still) competitive rates.

Below are the possible language pairs:

  • French Dutch
  • English Dutch
  • French English
  • Dutch English
  • Dutch French
  • English French

Translations for various business sectors

As translators we can rely on a very broad general knowledge. That is why we offer translations of a wide range of text types from various knowledge domains. A selection from the sectors in which we can provide translations: