How does it work?

We want to guide you personally in the translation process from the very first contact.
To make this process as smooth as possible we will describe it in the following steps.



You contact us via the contact form or via e-mail. In your message you mention the number of words, the subject and the desired deadline, or you already add the source files as an attachment. You can also reach us by telephone for general information, but for estimates we prefer contact via e-mail.

Request a quote


We guarantee that we will respond to your request within the hour. In our answer you will get an estimate of the cost price and delivery time.

Translation estimate


If you have read and approved our estimate, you confirm the translation request and, if this has not yet been done, you send us the source file(s) and any terminology list.

Translation confirmation


We get to work. We will always make every effort to respect your deadline. If in doubt, we will contact you to avoid "guessing".

Vertaling uitvoering


We deliver your translation with a detailed invoice. If you wish, you can always give us feedback so that we can improve our service, if possible.

Translation fast delivery